This page is all about ME! If you want to learn about my petz, you'll have to go somewhere else. I'm making them a small site, so give me time and you can go there then.

-My name is Kathryn, but I go by Katie
-I am a person made of nicknames. Kaytee, Kate, Katie Page, Veggie, Veggie-vore. They all work
-I was born on June 3rd, 1989
-I will be a Senior in High School
-I am 5'7", have golden blonde hair, and greyish eyes that change color.
-I laugh alot. I will be laughing, and people who are on the phone talking to other people will recognize me laughing in the background.
-I get the hiccups when I laugh, very badly. They last forever.
-I'm a vegetarian
-I am an optimist, and generally a happy person

-I have one brother, named Kevin. He was born in 1991
-My mother and father are married and still live together
-I have two dogs, Shelties
-One is named Tux, he is bi-black
-The other is named Summit, she is a blue merle
-We have a rex cat. Her name is Feather

-I love books and words
-I really like school
-I love my friends, they are amazing
-I love to dance, and work at a dance studio
-I enjoy singing and sing in the school choir as well as take voice lessons
-I can listen to all kinds of music, and enjoy most of it
-I love to argue, and express my point of view

Tribute to Ali:
She tributed to me, so I may as well do the same. 'Sides, she deserves it. Ali is my red headed friend. She is lovely fun. She lives in Mississippi, and I am going to her someday wedding. She makes me laugh, and is always there for you when you have a hard time. I know that if I'm happy, or sad, or anything, Ali'll be there. She's a great person, and completely amazing.