Here you will find the spawn of my little monsters. Please take them away and cuddle them on your own computer. For bred petz, just enjoy them, first come first serve (although if one person only asks for one pet and you ask for three, the one pet person will probably get it). For hexed petz, you may choose eye color and gender. I will give out a limited number, but may give out more at a later time. Everything's basically very straight forward.

-3 Petz per a week, please. Anything more is excess or obsession
-Do as you like with your pet, but downloads are discouraged, of course.
-You needn't add Windrem to the show name, its long and heavy, but if you wish, it would be appreciated.
-Please rename them...I'm pants at names and wouldn't wish what I call them on any bit of data

Your Name:
Petz Name:
Send to

Black names are boys, and orangeys are girlies
Italics is pol, striked is adopted

Lamees, Dutch, Stephanie, Kathleen, Owen, Arianna
Guarantee x Musique, 444 kb