So, quite a while ago (as in years) when Ali and I were co-owning lollios, I came up with this wonderful idea to breed fluzzlies. They were based on Moose, who is the sexiest creature alive. My computer was/is jello, so Ali actually did most of the work, as always. We eventually gave up because Moose was related to everyone and file sizes killed computers.

       Luckily for everyone, a new hope was found when Ali decided to breed them again...from scratch. And since starting, she has bred thousands (literally) of kittens that are rejects, that don't fit the standard, that don't work where we need them too. You won't see them, they're ugly. You will see the ones that work. Yay!

A proper fluzzlie

Kitten number 2,288

Body: Calico
Head: Calico
Tail: Calico (small faults for B&W, Alley not acceptable)
Color: Any of basic 10, solid
Fuzz: Alley
Markings: Chest patch, tail tip, face stripe, B&W toes all acceptable, none mandatory Eye colors: All acceptable
Personality: Should be Calico
Paw pads: Any color is acceptable

Generation six colors

project progress:
Due to setbacks, we are down to only 4 colors: white, grey, brown, and orange.

- keep f-v in the showname (for fluzzlies-ville)
- be the best owner you can be
- no downloads
- names indicate gender in the 2nd cap letter.

Form: Your name:
Pet you want:

7th Gen, 46 KB, inbreed/tree trim free
OG and GB have tail tips, all have chest patches, all except BG have face stripes